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I am a highly experienced software engineer with over 12 years dedicated to my career. I love to work optimizing Developer Experience, crafting new DevTools, automating workflows, and architecting robust systems. I am truly passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with people.

One of the 26 developers officially recognized by GitHub as an Open Source Maintainer in Brazil. First profile accepted for the GitHub Sponsors program in Brazil.

Proactive, curious with strong communication skills. Great facilitator.



July 2019 - Present

Creator of ScanAPI, an open source testing framework that provides automated integration testing and live documentation for any REST API. 50+ contributors, 70+ forks, 1.3k+ stars on GitHub. Officially recognized by GitHub as a significant open source project in Brazil.

Tech Stack: Python, Click, Jinja2, Pytest, GitHub Actions


I am an active person in the tech community. I have several contributions in both national and international scenarios. They are all listed on my personal website:

Employment History


February 2022 - Present
Berlin, GE

SoundCloud is a global music and audio platform that allows creators to upload, share, and promote their work to a diverse community of listeners. SoundCloud has 76M+ registered users, and 320M+ stored tracks.

Senior Backend Engineer at Cloud Engineering Team Nov 2022 - Present

Responsible for improving the backend engineer productivity in the company. Led a significant project focused on planning, implementing, and supporting the migration of 1.3k+ pipelines from GoCD to GitHub Actions.

Tech Stack: Ruby, Golang, Terraform, GoCD, GitHub Actions, GCP, Prometheus, Grafana, Backstage (platform for building developer portals)

Senior Backend Engineer at Payments Team Feb 2022 - Oct 2022

Backend development related to payments and subscriptions. Contributed to the development and maintenance of an in-house subscription management system, as also maintaining and implementing integrations with payment systems.

Tech Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Recurly, Adyen, SheerID, Google Play Billing, Apple In-app purchase


July 2017 - March 2021
New York, US

Loadsmart is a logistics technology platform that enables shippers, carriers, and brokers to efficiently manage an automated supply chain.

Senior Backend Engineer at Drayage Squad Jan 2019 - Mar 2021

Responsible for the backend development to enable a whole new business unit in the company to haul loads from and to ports, generating more than $6 million in revenue over a year and bringing in Maersk and Ports America as strategic partners on a $19 million investment. The company port Drayage service offer with a growth revenue of 300% YoY and expansion to the 7 major US east coast ports.

Cross Department Initiatives:

  • Lead a project to investigate and defined a plan to improve the main company system, a monolith containing 230+ tables, 2200+ relevant files, and 75k+ relevant lines of code.
  • Implemented a RFC process across the company. RFCs were stored and reviewed via GitHub. 90+ engineers using it on a daily basis.
  • Created the company's official Handbook. Before, there was no official place to store tech documentation. 90+ engineers using it on daily basis.
  • Created and lead the Backend Meetings, a bi-weekly meeting to share backend knowledge. We were 50+ backend engineers.
  • Recruitment: automated the tech challenge review process.
  • Improved company's code reviews automation being one of those responsible for introducing Peril in the organization. Also, improving, creating, and maintaining new Danger rules.

Tech Stack: Python, Django, DRF, Pytest, Golang, Cobra, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform + Atlantis, CircleCI, Sentry, Amazon AWS, AWS Kinesis, AWS Secret Manager

Backend Engineer at Mobile Squad July 2017 - Dec 2018

Responsible to maintain and create endpoints in the company's main API to provide the backend for mobile applications.

Tech Stack: Python, Django, DRF, Pytest, Swift, Heroku, Amazon SNS, PostgreSQL, Danger, Peril, CircleCI, Macropoint.

Analogy Co.

March 2015 – November 2016
Budapest, Hungary

Rails Developer

Web development at, an IT provider for human resources and knowledge management solutions. Developing, maintenance and tests for a Ruby on Rails application based on artificial intelligence.

Tech Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Rspec, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq


August 2012 – December 2014
Florianópolis, Brazil

A recommendation systems company that provides personalization solutions for e-commerce using AI and big data.

Web Developer at Dashboard Team December 2013 – December 2014

Responsible to create a portal to integrate multiple services provided by the company, enabling the user to access all their solutions in a single place. Also, activities related the internal dashboard, responsible to show the statistics of the company's products. As the lead for the Dashboard's API, I successfully achieved an impressive 10x decrease in average response time for vital endpoints.

Tech Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sinatra, MongoDB, RSpec, Ansible, Vagrant, AWS.

Web Developer Trainee at Integration Team August 2012 – November 2013

Responsible for: creating and customizing web widgets; integrating recommendation systems into e-commerce; creating and maintaining an integration portal; creating scripts to import dumps.

Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js, Python, AWS Boto3, PostgreSQL.


November 2010 – June 2012
Florianópolis, Brazil

Scientific Initiation Scholarship

Software development in the Hardware Security Module ASI-HSM project, in cryptographic keys and digital certificates lifecycle management at Computer Security Laboratory - LabSEC, Department of Informatics and Statistics (INE), Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)

Tech Stack: Java, Java Swing